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  • HD-UPS-Sale-Supplier-Manufacturer-Company-Pakistan
  • HD-UPS-Sale-Supplier-Manufacturer-Company-Pakistan
  • HD-UPS-Sale-Supplier-Manufacturer-Company-Pakistan
  • HD-UPS-Sale-Supplier-Manufacturer-Company-Pakistan

Product Supplier: Atlas Energy Solution (Pvt) Ltd.
Model: Atlas HD Plus Series
Product Code: UPS-HD2
Capacity: 1 KVA & 2 KVA
Protection: Over Charging / Load, Low Battery, Temp.
Built-in: AC Charger and Solar Charger 
Feature: Off Grid Hybrid Inverter, Efficient Charging

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HD Plus Series AC/Solar charging Off grid Hybrid Inverter

Build-in enhanced AC charger

Build-in solar charger controllar up to 40A

Selectable Input voltage ranges. AC charging current,AC or solar charger priority

Intelligent 3-stage charge control for efficient charging and preventing over charger

Auto restart upon AC recovery

LCD + LED display

Low battery alarm

Protection for low battery shut down

Over charge protection

Over load protected system

Control over temperature

Short circuit protection

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Specifications Details HD Plus 1K-12 HD Plus 2K-24
Power Rating 1KVA / 720W 2KVA / 1300W
AC Input Input Voltage Waveform Sinisoida(utility or generator Sinisoida(utility or generator
Normal input Voltage 230VAC 230VAC
Selectable Voltage Range 165-270+-4%(Narrow Range),85-270 Vac+-4%(Wide Range 165-270+-4%(Narrow Range),85-270 Vac+-4%(Wide Range
Max. AC input Voltage Max:270VAC Max:270VAC
Frequency 50Hz,60Hz 50Hz,60Hz
AC Output Output Voltage Waveform Modified Sinewave Modified Sinewave
Voltage Regulation (Batt.Mode) 230VAC (+10% / -18%) 230VAC (+10% / -18%)
Nominal Output Frequency(Hz) 50HZ or 60Hz (Auto detection) 50HZ or 60Hz (Auto detection)
Transfer Time 15ms Typical,20 ms Max. 15ms Typical,20 ms Max.
Solar Charger Charger mode PWW PWW
Maximum PV Arry Power 450W 900W
Optimal work Voltage range 15VDC-18VDC 30VDC-36VDC
MAX.PV input Voltage 55VDC 55VDC
MAX.PV input Current 40Amp 40Amp
AC Charger Charging Algorithma 3-Step Charging 3-Step Charging
Normal Charger Current 15 Amp or 20 Selectable 10Amp
Floating Charging Voltage 13.7VDC 27.4VDC
Over Charge Protection 16VDC 32VDC
Efficiency Efficiency (Battery Mode) >87% >87%
Efficiency (Line Mode) >95% >95%
Battery Voltage Nominal DC Input Voltage 12VDC 24VDC
Low Battery Alarm 10.5VDC+-0.3VDC 21VDC+-0.6VDC
Low DC input shut-down 10VDC+-0.3VDC 20VDC+-0.6VDC
High DC input Alarm & Fault 16VDC+-0.3VDC 32VDC+-0.6VDC
System Parameter Protections Low battery,over charging,over load,over temp Low battery,over charging,over load,over temp
Indicators LCD+LED Display LCD+LED Display
Over-Load Protection 1min Load>110%,20s Load>120%,Os Load>150% 1min Load>110%,20s Load>120%,Os Load>150%
General Specifications Operating Temperature Range 0 Cto 40 C 0 Cto 40 C
Storage Temperfature -15 C 60 C -15 C 60 C
Cooling Forced air,variable speed fan Forced air,variable speed fan
Dimension (L*W*H) 276.7*245*97mm 276.7*245*97mm
Net Weight (Kg) 2.6kg 2.7kg