Branded Dry Batteries

Narada Ritar Leoch King Long for you.

Kung Long Dry Battery – Capacity 200 Ah

Product Manufacturer: Kung Long (Vietnam)
Model: WPL200-12BN
Product Code: BTR-15
Capacity: 200 Ah
Advance Features: Manage Electricity Fluctuations
Functions: Strong Backup for Security Application
General Feature: Telecommunication Stations

  • Best use for control of elecricity fluctuations
  • Backup power application for security management
  • Us for general purpose
  • Reliability and durability
  • Telecommunication base stations
Type Nominal Voltage (v) Capacity (Ah)5HR Capacity (Ah)10HR Demensions (L) in Demensions (W) in Demensions (H) in Demensions (L) mm Demensions (W) mm Demensions (H) mm HT Over Terminal in HT Over Terminal mm Weight lbs Weight (KG) Assembly Figure POSITION Terminal TYPE
WPL200-12BN 12 170 200 20.55 9.37 8.62 522 238 219 8.82 224 135 61.5 22 F18