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About Us

It’s just a blessing of Allah the Almighty that we at ATLAS ENERGY SOLUTIONS (PVT) LTD. are busy upholding the needs of Domestic & Commercial (especially Hosiery set-up) Customers. It was made possible just because of a comprehensive effort of our well-skilled technical staff, marketing staff, and the majority of consumers’ who depicted the relevant support for merit in quality. As a result, we are here to participate in the market with Excellence, Efficiency, and Eternal effects of durability with cut-rate availability.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • Atlas Power products are designed in such a way that they may provide the best of its back up even in an extreme span of load shedding facing a massive fluctuation of voltage. No doubt our products gather an efficacy to minimize even any business loss to nil.
  • A highly sensitive charging system is designed and installed in Atlas Power products which enables a battery not only protection but helps it to enhance its span life as compare to other brands.
  • We loved to introduce Sinewave Technology which may assist the appliance in pre weakening or impairing any type of Embroidery or Jockey machines by providing a complete 220-volt flow of current even to existing power supply, components, minicomputer, and servo motor stabilizers as well.
  • Atlas Power products are tested confidently with High speed, Super High speed, and Normal speed embroidery machines along with different brands of Jockey, Knitwear, and Sewing machines. As a result, we use to gather a massive trust of our honorable customers.

Assistance & Tracking

  • Skilled personnel is available here to support honorable customers in the selection of products for their existing appliances and the right battery for their desired backup as well.
  • We are well established among a mob of imported brands just because of our after-sales services as compare to others who don’t even feel to care.
  • We discourage undue delay while entertaining any complaint; if registered before 17:00. In case of late, the same will be considered on the next working day. Moreover, our specialty that differentiates from others is the provision of services at the doorstep of our honorable customers.

We Discourage Undue Late

  •  In case any of problems in the product.
  • Please give your call at given numbers within working hours.
  • All complaints will be entertained same day if registered before 5:00 PM
  • Complaints received after 5:00 PM will be treated the next working day.

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