Branded Dry Batteries

Narada Ritar Leoch King Long for you.

Ritar Power DC Dry Battery – Capacity 150 Ah

Product Manufacturer: Ritar Power
Model: DC12-180 and DC12-200
Product Code: BTR-63 and BTR-64
Capacity: 180 Ah and 200 Ah
Advance Features: Deep Cycle System
Material: High Quality Strong Grids
General Feature: 30% + Cyclic Life in DC Series

  • DC (Deep Cycle) series.
  • 30% + cyclic life in DC series
  • Comparatively better performance
  • System designed for cyclic discharge
  • Strong grids
  • A one quality material
  • Suitable system “UPS”
  • Better use for Solar system
  • Other suitable use with telecom system
  • New electric power system
  • Most of other use electric vehicles
Model Nominal  Voltage(V) Capacity(Ah) Weight (KG) Terminal Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) Internal Resistance
12V 180 53 F12/F16 532*207*214(219) 4
DC12-200 12V 200 60 F10 522*240*219(224) 4