MC4 T Connector fully compatible and simple solution for quick parallel wiring of solar panels. We offered you a waterproof and dust proof MC4 T Connector in material of durable hard plastic.  The following Connectors materials and specifications mentioned below:


  • → MC4 T 2X1 Branch Connector
  • → MC4 T 3X1 Branch Connector
  • → MC4 T 4X1 Branch Connector
  • → MC4 T 5X1 Branch Connector
  • → MC4 T 6X1 Branch Connector
MC4T Branch Connectors Pakistan

MC4 T Branch Connectors Available in Pakistan

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1 Insulation material: PPO
2 Rated Voltage TUV 1000V DC/ UL 600V DC
3 Test voltage 6KV(50Hz,1Min)
4 Compatible cable cross sections  Solar cable 2.5mm⊃2; ,4.0 mm⊃2; and 6.0 mm⊃2; (14 awg,12awg,10awg)
5 Contact material copper, tin plated
6 Contact resistance less than 0.5 m ohm
7 Degree of protection IP67
8 Pollution Degree 2
9 Protection class Class II
10 Flame calss UL94-V0
11 Plug Force less than 50N
12 Withdrawal force more than 50N
13 Ambient temperature range -40  ~ +  90
14 Pin dimention 4.0mm
15 Rated Current 20A~30A
16 Gender Male and female